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Infoservice is an Italian company based in Rome, which has been operating for more than 20 years in the IT industry.

  • We offer to companies and public administration consulting services, design and development of IT solutions , particularly, collaboration, office automation and knowledge management, with particular specialization on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
  • Infoservice has a deep knowledge in managing Enterprise and Mission Critical Systems. Moreover, we have an extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of network architectures, server farms and wireless networks, with specific expertise regarding the identity management, IT security and virtualization server.
  • Infoservice designs and develops cutting-edge solutions based on the cloud platform Windows Azure.

Among its projects, Infoservice has developed Linkavel a search engine for bus schedules and an online ticketing system. The aim of the service is to meet the need of passengers to consult promptly information about the services offered by the bus companies, and to enable the latter to sell online their tickets, in a flexible and advantageous way, relying on professionalism and expertise that can ensure a well-established IT company..




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